BLACKJACK Celebrates 2NE1’s 8th Anniversary Despite Disbandment

This year marks the 8th anniversary of the “all-kill” legendary K-Pop artist 2NE1. It was on May 17, 2009 that the girl group officially debuted under YG ENTERTAINMENT with their debut song “FIRE”. From then onwards, they dominated the K-Pop industry and won countless awards on music charts.

However, being on top is never easy. In late 2016, as 2NE1 fans, called BLACKJACK, and the public were waiting for the announcement of their comeback after a long hiatus, a shocking announcement came from the youngest member, Minzy, via an Instagram post. She wrote a letter to her fans, stating she was quitting the group, and this news was followed by the announcement of the group’s disbandment.

Earlier this year, the group released their tribute song “GOODBYE” for their fans who have continued to support them during the trials they have faced. BLACKJACKs collecctively shed their tears, but wished the members well, hoping that they would continue their music career and promised that their love would always be with them.


As we thought 2NE1’s long journey is over, BLACKJACK‘s fight is not! Just as the lyrics of “Gotta Be You” say, “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.” BLACKJACKs still commemorated 2NE1’s anniversary by making it a trend on social media with the hashtag #2NE1toInfin8y, which literally means “2NE1 to infinity.” Forever in our hearts, 2NE1 will always be the “Queens of K-pop.”

Source: allkpop | Twitter


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