Sistar To Bid Farewell On Their Last Comeback

Letting go is never easy.

Another heartbreaking news has shook the K-pop world when Starship Entertainment announced that Sistar will be disbanding after 7 years of sexiness, sassiness and happiness in the music industry. The members, Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou and Dasom wrote their heartfelt letters to their fans called Star1.


Watch the full video about the member’s translated written message to fans about their disbandment: Sistar‘s translated message to fans

However, before disbandment, the group will be having their final Comeback on the 31st of May entitled “Lonely“. On the teaser video is written:

S ee you again, 다음에 봐요
I t’s not goodbye. 작별인사는 아니예요
S eparate ways we may go, 각자의 갈길로
T o achieve new dreams. 새 꿈을 향해서
A ll the memories together, 함께했던 기억들
R emember and cherish forever. 기억해요 영원히 간직할게요

It sounds ironic that their comeback stage would be their goodbye stage as Sistar. It’s really saddening that another legendary group has to disband. We witnessed how they grew to fame and stardom, we laughed and shed tears with them, we cheered on every success with them, we danced and sang together with them and now we bid farewell altogether. This is not yet the end, but the beginning of another world to the girls as well as the fans.

‘Til the end, let’s support Sistar! Instead of saying goodbye, let’s say, “We will miss you Sistar. Thank you, and we’ll remember you!”

Sources: Koreaboo | Allkpop



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