What it’s Like to Stan a K-Idol Group

Stalker + Fan= Stan

To Stan is to overly be in love with an idol or group of idols wherein it seems like your heart and life already belongs to them.

What it’s like to stan an idol group? Of course it’s hard! You’ll have some mini heart attacks, temporary deaths and explosion of thy emotions! It’s rude right? Same as to love. Loving someone is difficult and complicated, but in the end, it still completes you and makes you happy. Therefore: if to stan is to be hurt and to be hurt is part of love, then to stan is to love!

Club Shook™ listed the struggles and joy a fan undergoes when stanning an idol group.

The “Everyone Looks the Same” Stage


Upon seeing the new idols in town, it would be really difficult to identify them where the only difference is their hairstyles. It gets harder when the group consists of a lot of members! Differentiating between them takes some time and is a bit harder than when you were in kindergarten memorizing your ABCs.

The Search is On 


Now, you’re like an NBI agent searching for them one by one, checking their backgrounds, knowing their blood types, how tall they are compared to you, and also looking at their pre-debut photos (aka fetus days). Sometimes, it’s like you research about them better than researching for your homework.

The “Close Relationship” Feeling


When watching their music videos, performances, variety shows, radio guestings, or sometimes dramas, you’ll feel like you’re close to them. Then suddenly, there rises your fave guy that you keep an eye on, but you don’t considered him to be your bias because you’re still not sure who’s the best and there’s competition in your head.

You might just see them on screen but it feels like you’ve been with them since childhood and you call them your babies or your love. Watching over them feels like you’re raising a kid, you see them grow from childhood, to puberty, to adulthood, then to infinity and beyond! Now you’re a witness to how they rose to stardom!

Pretty Faces You Can Stare at Forever 

Why do idols have to be flawless and perfect? No matter how you zoom in on an HD picture of them, you still can’t find their pores!

No matter how tough your day is, just by looking at your wallpaper, you’ll be fully charged! So you save pictures of them–A LOT of pictures–until it comes to the point that your gadget’s memory is full, but you refuse to delete a picture of them.

Alert, Awake, Alive


Alert! You’re alert when following them on every social media account they have, turning on the notifs and liking every photo and sometimes commenting on whatever they post, even though sometimes you don’t know what’s it all about. You also follow fansites so that you’ll always be updated.  With a fast internet connection, your gadget is your bestfriend! You have to stay up-to-date, or else you’re a loser fan (LOL just kidding😜)!

Awake! You have to keep awake and prepare yourself in cases of comebacks. You know comebacks are close when idols change their hair colors! Who needs sleep when they are about to have their MV released in 00:00 KST?

Alive! No matter how breathtaking their performance may be, no matter how they try to kill you with those looks, moves, styles, and everything, YOU HAVE TO GET BACK TO YOUR SENSES! YOU HAVE TO BE ALIVE! YOU HAVE TO SURVIVE!

There are times that you’ll be so busy with other non-Kpop stuffs but you find ways getting back into shape! Once a fan, will always be a fan! 😉

Never Getting Tired of Hearing Songs Again and Again 


When your mom knocks on your door in the middle of the night and tells you to have mercy on their ears after hearing your music on repeat + your voice singing along, you’ve been really eaten by  K-pop music!

Before, you were just trying to figure out who those guys were when you entered your fandom. But now, you know the voice of everyone in the group! You know their parts and those vibratos, or even the harmonized voices in the song!


Downloading their albums and putting it in your playlist is really a part when stanning a new group. This also includes searching the lyrics and singing with them making it feel like a duet.

When life gives you a damn load of obstacles, face it and take K-Pop with you!

What is Money?giphy

Entering in this world doesn’t have any terms and conditions that you have to be a rich kid in order to be into K-Pop, but what is money when albums and light sticks are out?


Stanning idols doesn’t require you having every merch on earth; whether it is official or unofficial merch. But you can’t help it whenever you see things on sale with their faces on it. You want things they endorse or things that look good on them because it feels like it suits you well, too. R.I.P wallet.


But what can we do? It’s true love! But a thing you should learn about being a fan is to always save because stanning is expensive and you’ll never know when temptations of merchandises will arrive or when concerts will come!

I’m Your Trash ❤

I’m sure you have imagined that you’ll end up with your bias. When you finally find “the one”, there won’t be space for them in your world, because your bias is your world and it’s game over! You’re now taken and if feels like you’re married to your bias, in your dreams!


You feel as useless as a trash because you only live for bias and everything about him is precious. Seems like you already sold your heart, mind and soul to them. Your life will be like a drama with everyone against you being with your bias. They’ll tell you to wake up from your dream because it is so wrong loving someone who doesn’t even know you exists. But who cares? If loving them is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right!


Admit it: you’re crazy! You’re so crazy for them that the doctors will find it hard to look for a cure for this addiction. Medicine won’t be enough be you’ll always thirst for them!

You’re a trash now, and K-Pop is drugs. If you tasted it once, you’ll be looking for more!

Bring Out the Bold!


Stanning brings out things you didn’t know existed in you, but also brings out what’s best in you! Here comes the fans who make fan art, covers, write fanfics for expansion of imagination, make memes, edit pictures and everything your imagination can think of. Only here in K-pop is where you can find the artist in you when you really can’t draw well but you can draw your idols’ faces from memory. Ask your idols if they ever get tired because they keep running around in your head all this time. 😂

Bias Wrecker & OTPs On Your Way

After finally being stable with your bias, here comes your 2nd lead, your bias wrecker! The peace is now doomed!


OTPs are also part of stanning and it gives you the feeling of  excitement due to various romantic situations.

Handling “Feels”

You really can’t please everyone. There are those people who will hate you for being a fan or will hate your fandom. So if they bash your idols, it’s a normal reaction and defense mechanism for a fan to defend them, but…try handling your emotions and just don’t mind the bash, they’re just a mess. If you can’t please everyone, try to piss them by keeping calm and love K-pop.


The feels overload when you have that friend who shares the same interests as you because fandom hugs, stories, and spazzing are meant to be shared! It’s hard to fangirl alone and keep the joy to yourself so it’s better to have that chingu to share the same feels with.

An explosion of feels is bound to happened whenever “Fan Mode” is turned ON. Watching your bias in shows or looking at their photos are known to give you the  feels — the fangirl feels that are hard to hide and handle!

I Give You All of Me


And lastly, stanning an idol group is like giving all of you to them, your time, heart, mind and soul! I bet you’re so well informed about this. You support them through hardships, comebacks, goodbye stages, wins and losses, through new projects and issues, and from debut to disbandment. We may get tired, but never of them, as long as we’re with them, and they’re with us, there will always be K-pop!

Stars aren’t made, they are born. But in K-pop, Stars are born and before they are made, they were trained and maintained ⭐ 

Stay Shook!


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